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ShadowHRM – Human Resource Management, it’s a complete Human Resource Management solution for a company. ShadowHRM – Human Resource Management has build for one to multiple company. Here you can create company, location, branch, department, designation, employee etc. You can manage everyday attendance , salary award, employee transfer / promotion, resignation, termination, training and many more. you can generate attendance report, salary report as PDF. It is a web-based app and fairly easy to use and easy to operate. You can manage all those Company’s from one place. Managing all human resource management for business purpose is a huge pain. ShadowHRM helps you save time managing multiple company. So we made this to make your life easy.

$25 is a promotional price. Loan, Payroll & many more feature are coming soon on this january.

Feature List

  • SAAS (Software As A Service) application
  • Create Multiple Company
  • Create Multiple User
  • Create Multiple Role & Assign Permission for each User
  • Create Multiple Location For Each Branch
  • Create Multiple Branch, Department & Designation
  • Create Notice & Company Policy
  • Add New Employee any of Branch
  • Manage Everyday Attendance
  • Manage Day Wise Attendance
  • Manage Employee Wise Attendance
  • Give Award To Any Employee
  • Employee Transfer / Promotion
  • Add Complain For Any Employee or Employees
  • Add Warning
  • Resignation System
  • Terminate An Employee
  • Holiday Management
  • Leave Management
  • Training Management
  • Salary Management
  • Individual Salary Management
  • Branch Salary Management
  • One click installation.

Live Demo

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Feel free to test this application with your company.

Update History

Version 1.1 : 28 Dec, 2019

Multi Language

----- English Language
----- Bengali Language
----- German Language
----- Greek Language
----- Spanish Language
----- French Language
----- Italian Language
----- Dutch Language
----- Portuguese Language
----- Russian Language
----- Turkish Language
----- Vietnamese Language

Version 1.0.0 : 21 Dec, 2019

Initial Release


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