PHP is a very strong and flexible web development language, which is being used by majority of the programmers now. Provided the fact that PHP is simple and effective, more than 30% of the applications are now being developed in PHP and the popularity is going up day by day.

Developers are having a lot of scripting languages to choose from as far as the requirement is for developing web applications. The major web programming languages include ASP, Perl, CGI, PHP etc. Among all these, PHP is having significant edge due to many factors. current date time This makes PHP the favorite choice of a large number of developers and is becoming more popular lately as a flexible and reliable web development language.

Majority of the IT companies, in small-medium-large sectors, are using PHP for developing their web applications. No need to repeat it every once in a while, but one can simply understand the strength of this scripting language by knowing the fact that the most popular web application of Facebook is built on PHP. Being an open-source platform, PHP is also having a large support group online, where you can easily find out the solutions in terms of bug fixing for PHP. Company formation . Further, we will review a few points on why the developers choose PHP over other languages.

Very simple to learn

PHP is pretty easy to learn when compared to most of the other programming languages. PHP has got a lot of similarities with C as well as Java, which makes it easier for programmers from other platforms to get adopted to PHP easily and quickly. Even if you only known HTML or the basics of just web designing, learning PHP can be quite easier, which can upgrade you status from a designer to a complete web developers. PHP is also ideal for the beginners as it is more straightforward and clear, and they also get the opportunity to fix PHP errors online.

Offering more freedom

PHP features a high level of flexibility and freedom to the developers when compared to .NET. As mentioned earlier, the language is open source. You can use any freely downloadable text editors to write code. Some of the most popular editors used are simply the notepad, Emacs, and Bluefish. However, while using the licensed versions like ASP.NET etc., you can only use the editors like Microsoft Visual Studio in order to write the code. PHP is a OS-independent, which can run on Unix, Windows, Linux and other OS’ without any hiccups.

Easy Integration

It is a fact that more than 30% of the application on the intenerate are being created on PHP. The language can get integrated with a wide variety of systems. cheap hotels From large corporate to small-scale companies as well as government, banking, and healthcare all sectors use PHP for their web applications.

Online support

You can easily find a wide support and documentation for PHP. You can get access to many PHP forums and blogs also online of the PHP support communities. There are many options also to fix PHP errors online by the experts on posting it on the websites dedicated for PHP support. It is also adding to the popularity of PHP that it is much easier for the web developers to solve problems related to PHP development as it possesses much clarity than the other programming languages.

The applications developed in PHP are also noted to be very fast and feature a high level of security. All these makes PHP the most popular scripting language among the web developers globally. Amit Sreevastava is a freelance web developer. He is a well-known tech blog writer as well as offering support to fix PHP errors online through phpfix.

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