If you want people to find you through the leading search engines like Google or Bing, then you need to set search engine optimization or SEO efforts on top of your list. You cannot realize your ideal target audience and also cannot generate business leads if nobody can find you online.

Studies show that about 93of the user experiences on the internet starts with a search engine. When someone searches for a keyword, the top results shown on Google has a 33% more chance to get clicked by the searchers. This means if you fail to get listed on the first page of the search results against your business-relevant keyword search, you lose about one-third of your most promising traffic instantly.


Find-tuning SEO

Even if you are not on the first page now, fortunately, it isn’t too late to get started with it. There are many things once can do in order to stand a chance to get ranked higher on Google results. Let’s discuss here a few top SEO ranking tips by the experts.


  1. Improving page loading speed

If your page loading process is very slow, Google can recognize it now which will adversely affect your ranking. Not only that, the slow loading speed will also end up in creating a user-aversion towards your website.

  1. Preparing high-quality content

If you haven’t touched your content for long, then you don’t stand a chance to be considered as an SEO candidate for higher ranking. In order to get more organic traffic, make sure that you were always have given users some reasons to come back to your site and check what’s new! Your content should also be of high quality and optimally relevant.


  1. Optimizing images

Images on your web pages play a big role to increase SEO ranking. You should always ensure that you use only high-quality images, which are properly optimized to enhance your SEO ranking. You need to consider all aspects of putting an image on to a web page ranging from the size, resolution, file format, image alt text, description and so on.


  1. Proper content break up

Header tags and subheadings are crucial in terms of improving your website experience to real users and search engine crawlers. Properly breaking up the content makes it easier for the users to go through it and understand. With this, they tend to spend more time on the page, which will add value to your SEO efforts. Proper headers and subheads also make your content more appealing and understandable.


  1. Usage of outbound links

 Authentic outbound links can add a lot to the credibility of your website and in turn your SEO value. Make sure that all the data claims on your web pages are appropriately linked to the most authoritative page sources. Along with ensuring the authority, you should also make sure that the information is relevant and recent.

Also, SERP is important you can buy website traffic to increase keyword SERP have seen people using it to increase keyword ranking.

Some other quick factors to consider in terms of improving SEO ranking are:

  • Effective blogging
  • Ensure readability and formatting of your pages
  • Fix broken links if any
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices
  • Format pages properly
  • Give proper contact info
  • Enable social media sharing
  • Use the most relevant long-tail keywords etc.

One should always remember that increasing SEO ranking is not an overnight achievement to be made, but it requires steady efforts over a considerable period of time to succeed.


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