PHP Fix consists of a team of expert freelancers and dedicated PHP developers with in-depth programming knowledge and wide domain exposure. Our team of experts has got hands-on experience in developing and maintaining huge and complicated web applications as well as high-end bug fixing. With extensive platform knowledge and also with the back up of global supporting network, we mastered the craft of fixing any defiled bugs and get back things to right track. Our experts can see through your problem and offer instantaneous help in curbing the errors. We also offer customized web design and development services too.

It is a fact that maintaining in-house professionals and spending a huge sum for that is really an overhead while you always have the option to outsource the task to expert hands. However, it is essential to get the assistance of a professional service provider as far as the need is for a resourceful and quality fix. This is where PHP Fix can be your best professional service partner.

Our pricing is also very budget-friendly and nominal on the basis of industry standards. Also being fully confident in our services, we offer complete refund of your expense if you are not fully satisfied with our service in terms of bug fixing.

PHP FIX Services :

The major services on offer are:

· PHP error estimation and bug fixing.

· Developing customized PHP applications.

· Custom-built, ready-to-use PHP modules.

· WordPress Plugins.

· SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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