Troubled with PHP Errors on your Site? We’ll Help You Fix it in No Time!

PHP fix is aimed and dedicated to resolve any of your PHP website errors. Just share your problem with us and we can offer you a customized solution. You will find our pricing as the lowest in industry, but the service best in class.

Post Your Problem

You just need to Post your Problem and we get back to you soon !


We Troubleshoot and Check your PHP ERRORS and Send you pricing. !

Pay Your Bills

You pay us and We get resolved, If not resolved we Refund you back within few hours. !


We have created our own niche in ‘debugging.’ We adopt a multi-legged approach to identify the bug and go ahead with the fix, which will eradicate the chance of any bug chain development and help curb all possible aftermath.

It is also noted that in majority of the cases, PHP errors occur due to the misconfiguration, code incompatibility with the different PHP versions, change of \hosts, improper database connectivity, and syntax errors etc. Whatever troubles you probably face, we make sure that you get a solution done for sure.


We do respect your privacy and have a strict client confidentiality policy, which in turn will protect your most sensitive and intellectual data. We also do not publish the details of our clients or use it for any promotional purposes.


We can confidently challenge any other service provider in this sector, being sure that we offer the most competitive rates. We understand that each bug-fixing task is unique and offers customized quotes for each. You can feel free to contact us to get a free quote, however big or small you feel your problem is.

It is also true that some errors may be tricky. Sometimes, a minimal effort as removing an empty space or just changing some characters may fix the bug. Some other times, we may need to do entire restructuring to get the problem solved. We first give a minimal quote for bug identification and through this we can understand the extent and depth of the damage and the fix needed. If the trouble is beyond our reach to resolve, we can also suggest the best possible solution you can rely on. The deal is made black and white and communication done upfront. The payment is through PayPal account, so all the transaction are done through a secure payment gateway to your greatest relief.

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